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Enjoy the Journey

I began selling real estate in Madison in 2001, representing both individual buyer and seller clients, as well as two well-respected local condominium developers. In 2008, my partner and I relocated to Portland, Oregon, where I have been selling ever since. It has been a great journey, and while living in Oregon, I also became very active in Realtor association volunteer leadership at our local, state, and national level.

The leading way Americans create wealth in this country is through home ownership, and advocacy is at the heart of what we do. I’ve been afforded amazing opportunities to serve on the Global leadership team at the National Association of Realtors (ask me about Cuba – and Puerto Vallarta!), and am currently serving as the President of the Oregon Association of Realtors.

Why sell in both Wisconsin and Oregon?

Upon arriving in Oregon, we noticed that many from the Midwest are drawn to the lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest. I’ve helped countless former Midwesterners make a new life between the mountains and the ocean – and have so much gratitude for the referrals from Realtor colleagues, friends, and past clients.

Another trend we’ve noticed is that life often takes us in new and unexpected directions after a long-distance move. Some folks decide to move back due to family or job considerations. Others decide to purchase a second home “back home.”  While others are looking for real estate investment opportunities outside their current market – due to price considerations, varied inventory, or to spread risk in different regions. So I formulated a way to help.


Our home is an expression of the lifestyle we want to live. Do you want a small and efficient condo, where everything you need is just outside your door? Or a home with a backyard for the garden – and maybe those urban chickens too? Or perhaps a cabin along the river and trails, with room for the kayaks and bikes?  My goal is to help you find the digs that support your lifestyle, and provide an excellent return on investment in the long run – both monetary and non-monetary.


Our business is a mix of technology and good old fashioned client service. I have a team of colleagues in multiple markets, working seamlessly to cover both the in-person client contact needs – while also being able to take care of the online part of our business regardless of where we are working.

Moreover, having spent the past decade meeting Realtor colleagues through our Association leadership roles, I can be your first point of contact for a real estate all around the globe. I love what I do, and love being your first-call resource.

Let’s chat. And happy trails!